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  The professional counselors at New Horizons believe that clients deserve the fastest relief possible with the least amount of intrusion into their lives.  

All service providers are educated, licensed and experienced in a variety of treatment methods.  We are here to join you in your process of healing and recovery from life's difficulties. 

By making an appointment with one of our counselors you are taking an important and necessary step to improve the quality of your life and to reach your goals.  We count it a privilege to walk beside you in your journey toward wholeness. 

Our friendly & professional staff will assist you with scheduling, insurance pre-certification and questions you might have.  

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What in your life needs to change?

 If you are exploring our web site, chances are you may be looking for help for yourself or someone you love.  
There is something in your life that may need to change. 
Something has become too complicated, overwhelming or confusing for you to handle on your own.  
 A relationship may be frustrating or hurting you.  
 A family situation may be getting worse or making you weary. 
 A habit or addiction may be spiraling out of control.  
There is a situation that you need help sorting out.  
You may feel alone in your struggle to do the right thing.  
You have tried to resolve issues on your own to the best of your ability but it isn't getting you the results you need. 

 These are just some of the reasons that will help a person decide to talk to a counselor. 
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